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Rug cleaning in Chicago,IL

Area rugs

Area rugs add fashionable comfort and character to any home. Just like conventional carpets, your area rug can handle a lot of punishment-constant foot traffic, dirt, spills, sand and other materials.

Call on Chicago Carpet Cleaning .us, the rug cleaning experts, to thoroughly clean and protect your area rugs.

Using top of the line equipment and superior rug cleaning techniques, our skilled technicians can assure that your area rug will continue to dress up your home for years to come.

Quality cleaning techniques

We treat each rug with individualized attention and care. We know how to determine the best cleaning technique and method to suit your rug's particular weave, fibers and dyes.

Our job starts by sending your rugs through a dusting machine-this is more effective in removing soil than regular vacuuming. Then, rugs are soaked, washed and hung to dry in a regulated air environment.

Our highest ranked technicians employ the most advanced technology to deep-clean and bring life back into your rug, making it once again a wonderful mix of color & texture and a source of dignity.

Here's a closer look at how it works:

  • Pre-Inspection - We examine the condition of each rug, looking for signs of fading, discoloration, stains, wear, pre-existing damage, color instability and odors. We assess the clean ability of each rug and the appropriate cleaning process that must be used.
  • Dusting - We remove dust and minute particles lying deep within the rug, using compressed air and special tools. This step is often referred to as "air washing" or "dusting", and is far more effective than simply vacuuming or beating.
  • Pre-Treatment - Spots, spills and stains are pre-treated using the most advanced spotting techniques.
  • Pre-Cleaning - Sites of heavy traffic and soiling are pre-cleaned. Note: discoloration caused by wear, fading, or chemical reaction is not reversible).
  • Dissolving and extracting ground-in soil.
  • Rinsing in order to remove deeper soil and cleaning residue, restoring natural textures.
  • Restorative grooming with special grooming tools. Note: fiber wear or distortion is not reversible.
  • Drying - Rugs are dried in a climate controlled drying room. Takes less than 24 hours.
  • Final Inspection. We will conduct a meticulous inspection of your rug. If needed, we will repeat any of the above steps until your rug is as clean and beautiful looking as is technologically possible. We make no compromises on the final result.

We are devoted to quality and it shows!

We also offer special cleaning services for restoration of valuable rugs, using special equipment and restorative chemical treatments.

Our Area rug cleaning specialties include:

    Chicago,IL rug cleaning & oriental rug cleaning in Chicago
  • Antique rugs
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Specialty rugs (all fibers and weaves-even delicate rugs)
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Re-weaving
  • Custom-fit padding
  • Mildew control
  • Shampooing
  • Deodorizing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dry cleaning
  • Water damage restoration

We invite you to contact us and get a free estimate. We guarantee complete satisfaction!

Chicago,IL steam carpet cleaning

Oriental rug cleaning

We understand the precious nature of your oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are prized possessions that are a source of extreme beauty. They can even appreciate it in value, as it is for some magnificent handmade masterpieces.

Chicago Carpet Cleaning specializes in oriental rug cleaning, including: Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Antique and hand made oriental rugs.

You will be thrilled with the results of our strong yet gentle procedure for safely and thoroughly cleaning your Oriental rugs.

A meticulous inspection of your fine textile begins the cleaning process. Then, our certified carpet and rug cleaning technicians identify the exact fibers and dyes that constitute your oriental rug, selecting the ideal rug cleaning method for your rug.

Here's a closer look at the process:

  • Pre-Inspection - After we inspect the rug for any special conditions, we ask for your work authorization. We will start cleaning only upon your approval.
  • Dusting - We safely and thoroughly pre-clean for dry, minute soil particles using compressed air.
  • Washing - We submerge the rug in a special bath in order to assure complete cleaning. Underwater compressed air treatment is applied to provide gentle Jacuzzi like agitation.
  • Decontamination Bath - In order to treat odor and contamination sources such as urine, mold, mildew, or insect infestation.
  • Rinsing - To completely flush away of soils and cleaning agents.
  • Drying - Done quickly and efficiently in a controlled atmosphere drying room.
  • Final touches - Final spotting in order to remove all foreign matter, with an eye to preserving the integrity of fibers and dyes.
  • Repairs & Restoration - Available with individualized quote for each rug.

Feel comfortable when you entrust your Oriental rug to the Chicago Carpet Cleaning rug-cleaning experts.

We supply the most professional carpet and rug cleaning service in the industry-so that you're beautiful Oriental rug may be treasured for generations to come.

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Chicago Carpet Cleaning - Your rug cleaning experts.

Rug cleaning tips

If you take proper care, you will lengthen the life and appearance of your rug. Vacuum your rug regularly to remove loose soil, and take special care when you vacuum the fringe and edges.

Some throw rugs, especially bathroom rugs, can be washed in your laundry at home.

Always read and comply with the manufacturer's recommended cleaning methods in order to prevent warranty invalidation and damage to your rug.
Have a professional deep-clean your rug often. Although several cleaning methods will work, in order to prevent rapid re-soiling, it is important to completely remove all cleaning agents.

Chicago Carpet Cleaning Your expert carpet rug cleaning company. We have one of the fastest and most reliable services in the industry, and become one of our satisfied customers and call us at for a free estimate today.

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